Sermons and Talks from 010712 to 122615

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Date Title Presenter
2015-12-26 First Things First Mike Mallinson Play
2015-12-19 Spiritual Predators Mike Mallinson Play
2015-12-12 The Blessing of Uncertainty Dennis Page Play
2015-12-05 The Way of the Transgressor is Hard Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-12-02 The Open Space in Orion Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-29 Vows of Freedom Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-28 Missionary College of Evangelism Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-28 The Prodigal Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-27 Vows of Freedom Pastor Torres Play
2015-11-25 So Many Christian Denominations, Why? Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-24 The Seal of God Pastor Torres Play
2015-11-22 Revelation Reveals the Mark of the Beast Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-21 Revelation Reveals the AntiChrist Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-20 Grace for Millions Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-18 Rebirth and Renewal Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-17 The Truth About Heaven Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-15 Life After Rock and Roll Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-15 Secrets of the Dead Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-14 When the Devil Takes a Vacation Pastor Torres Play
2015-11-14 He is Faithful and Just Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-13 How Near is the End? Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-11 How to Get Rid of Guilt Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-10 Battle for the Mind Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-09 Answer for Human Suffering Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-08 Four Apocalyptic Horses Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-07 Revelation of Jesus Christ Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-07 Jonah and the Whale Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-11-06 What Does All This Mean? Pastor Louis Torres Play
2015-10-31 The Texting of Trust Mark Herscher Play
2015-10-24 Thy Will Be Done David Davies Play
2015-10-17 Heredity and the Gospel Daniel Nicholls Play
2015-10-10 Examine What? Dennis Page Play
2015-10-03 Ordinance of Humility Luke Herscher Play
2015-09-26 Even So, Come, Lord Jesus Dave Woods Play
2015-09-19 Why Pray? Dennis Page Play
2015-09-12 It Doesn't Matter Louis Torres Play
2015-09-05 Fish n’ Sheep Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-08-29 What Now? Dennis Page Play
2015-08-21 Window of Opportunity Mark Herscher Play
2015-08-14 No Doctors Please.... I'm Sick Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-08-07 What Are You Thirsty For? Darla Sherman Play
2015-07-31 The Heart Infection Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-07-24 Walls of Faith Mike Mallinson Play
2015-07-17 The Desire of All Nations Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-07-10 God's Prescription for Anxiety Luke Herscher Play
2015-07-03 How to Patch the Holes part 2 Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-06-26 Praying Hands Larry Bangs Play
2015-06-19 How to Patch the Holes Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-06-12 Progressive Lens Pastor Rocky Gale Play
2015-06-05 In God We Boast Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-05-30 The 28 FUNdaMentals Kyle Hanson Play
2015-05-22 Ten Commandments of Marriage Mike Mallinson Play
2015-05-15 Sabbath School's History and Mission Pastor Stan Beerman Play
2015-05-08 The End of Evil Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-05-01 The Scenes of Redemption- The Criminals Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-04-24 Miracles Luke Herscher Play
2015-04-17 The Scenes of Redemption- Barabbas Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-04-10 Video- Why Do I Love Jesus? Daniel Nicholls Play
2015-04-10 Why Do I Love Jesus? Daniel Nicholls Play
2015-04-03 The Scenes of Redemption- Peter Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-03-27 The Lesson of the Loaves Tray Williams Play
2015-03-20 The Song of Moses Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-03-13 The Rest of the Story of the Last Miracle Al McDowell Play
2015-03-06 You Have Been Chosen Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-02-27 When I Was a Child Jason Deapen Play
2015-02-20 part 4 of 4 Hindrances to Prayer Mike Mallinson Play
2015-02-20 part 3 of 4 Discovered Treasures.. Who is the Holy Spirit? Mike Mallinson Play
2015-02-20 part 2 of 4 Up Close and Personal Mike Mallinson Play
2015-02-19 part 1 of 4 Why Pray? Mike Mallinson Play
2015-02-13 As I Have Loved You Calvin Mohr Play
2015-02-06 God's Cure for Pride Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-01-30 Do You Believe That Your Life is a Special Gift? Larry Bangs Play
2015-01-23 The Perfect Merger Mike Mallinson Play
2015-01-16 All Eggs in One Basket Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2015-01-09 Video- Twin Enemies and the Fuds Mike Mallinson Play
2015-01-09 Twin Enemies and the Fuds Mike Mallinson Play
2015-01-02 Entering His Rest/ Communion Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-12-26 Paul's Final Message Mark Herscher Play
2014-12-19 The Gift is in the Promise Darla Sherman Play
2014-12-12 Faith Times Seven Jim Knight Play
2014-12-05 The Birth of Christ- A Big Picture Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-11-28 Your Heart's Desire Wendell Davis Play
2014-10-31 The Promise Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-10-24 Rejected. Killed. Raised. Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-10-17 Power and Authority Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-10-10 The Fall Reversed Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-10-03 More than Example Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-09-26 Video- The Son of Man Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-09-26 The Son of Man Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-09-19 The Eternal Son Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-09-12 The Everlasting Gospel Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-09-05 Doubts Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-08-29 Jesus, the Supreme Sacrifice Luke Herscher Play
2014-08-22 Noah and His Friends Mark Herscher Play
2014-08-15 He Must Increase Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-08-08 From Rock Bottom To Freedom Steven Rossman Play
2014-08-01 His Love, His Merit, His Great Mercy Kenton Rogers Play
2014-07-25 Praise Concert Lisa Buster Play
2014-07-18 The Blessing that Nobody Wants Mark Herscher Play
2014-07-11 Who are You? Wendell Davis Play
2014-07-04 Trust and Depend on Him Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-06-27 The Shaking Samuel Ikonne Play
2014-06-20 Gethsemane Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-06-13 The Power of Your Words Larry Bangs Play
2014-06-06 Blindness Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-05-30 His Coming is Sure- R U? Pastor Rocky Gale Play
2014-05-23 An Appetite for God John Torquato Play
2014-05-16 The Power of Two Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-05-09 The Coming King Calvin Mohr Play
2014-05-02 The Dry Bones Live Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-04-25 Heavenly Heartburn Mark Herscher Play
2014-04-18 A Servant Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-04-11 Esther Part V Luke Herscher Play
2014-04-04 Deep Wounds Deeper Healing Ty Gibson Play
2014-03-28 Dental Hygiene and Salvation Paul Davis and Wendell Davis Play
2014-03-21 Esther Part IV Luke Herscher Play
2014-03-14 Renamed Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-03-07 Esther Part III Luke Herscher Play
2014-02-28 See a Need, Fill a Need Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-02-21 Fruit Mark Herscher Play
2014-02-14 The Race of Faith Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-02-07 Esther Part II Luke Herscher Play
2014-01-31 Transformed to Serve Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-01-24 Esther God's Providence Luke Herscher Play
2014-01-17 Caleb- A Different Attitude Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2014-01-10 The Miracle at Jericho Wendell Davis Play
2014-01-03 David: A Loyal Heart Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-12-27 Our Father's Business Pastor Bob Robinson Play
2013-12-20 Immanuel- Part Two Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-12-13 The Joy In The Journey Elder Chuck Burkeen Play
2013-12-06 Immanuel- Part One Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-11-29 The Image of God Wendell Davis Play
2013-11-22 Thank You For The Thorns Luke Herscher Play
2013-11-15 Have You Seen Strange Things Yet? Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-11-08 When the Going Gets Tough Pastor Nathan Hellman Play
2013-11-01 A Recipe for Anxiety Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-10-25 What Happens When You Live Mark Herscher Play
2013-10-18 It's Supper Time Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-10-11 Big Jason Blanchard Play
2013-10-04 Ready to Follow Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-09-27 All Things Through Christ Calvin Mohr Play
2013-09-20 Wait for the Lord Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-09-13 Come Meet My God Sam Robinson Play
2013-09-06 Lessons From The Sailors Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-08-30 His Healing Hands Jennifer McCluskey Play
2013-08-23 Grazing or Just Browsing? Mark Herscher Play
2013-08-16 Givers vs Takers Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-08-09 What Do You Believe? Darla Sherman Play
2013-08-02 The Usefulness of One Wendell Davis Play
2013-07-26 What Happens When We Die? Mike Plant Play
2013-07-19 Can We Be Friends? Pastor Lee Venden Play
2013-07-12 Patience Only Comes From God Larry Bangs Play
2013-07-05 Divine Meekness Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-06-28 Don't Miss This Opportunity Luke Herscher Play
2013-06-21 We're in the Army Now Wendell Davis Play
2013-06-14 A Humble Can-Do Life Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-06-07 When Jesus Shows Up Tray Williams Play
2013-05-31 To Accuse or Sympathize Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-05-24 God's Mercy Pastor Bob Robinson Play
2013-05-17 Out of the Mouths of Children... Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-05-10 Life is Education Nancy Worley Play
2013-04-27 Take No Thought for the Morrow Mark Herscher Play
2013-04-19 The Bread Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-04-12 The Last Miracle Al McDowell Play
2013-04-05 Gethsemane Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-03-29 How Important are You? Larry Bangs Play
2013-03-22 Opportunity for Jesus Luke Herscher Play
2013-03-15 Grace that Heals Pastor Rocky Gale Play
2013-03-08 Jesus the Son of Man Calvin Mohr Play
2013-03-01 The Sign of Rest Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-02-22 Are You Consumed With God? Glenda Villegas Play
2013-02-15 Jesus Saves Mark Herscher Play
2013-02-08 A Little Bit of Hanging Lynden Kruse Play
2013-02-01 The Cry of Faith Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-01-25 Lessons from Samson part 3 Luke Herscher Play
2013-01-18 Unashamed of the Gospel Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2013-01-11 Intercessory Prayer Wendell Davis Play
2013-01-04 Stone of Help Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-12-28 The Letter Samuel Ikonne Play
2012-12-21 What Does Christmas Mean to You? Wendell Davis Play
2012-12-14 The Salvation- Child Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-12-07 Children of the Light Mark Herscher Play
2012-11-30 Readiness for His Coming part 2 Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-11-23 Are You 'Wasting' Time With God? Wendell Davis Play
2012-11-16 Readiness for His Coming part 1 Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-11-09 Lessons From Samson part 2 Luke Herscher Play
2012-11-02 The Sign of His Coming Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-10-26 Where's Your Focus? Darla Sherman Play
2012-10-19 Who Do You Follow? Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-10-12 God's in Control Geri Eberhardt and Jim Wilson Play
2012-10-05 Divine Commercial/ Communion Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-09-28 Lessons from Samson part 1 Luke Herscher Play
2012-09-21 Enjoying the Son of God Sam Robinson Play
2012-09-14 The Challenge of Indifference Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-09-08 Who! Do You Know? Bob Robinson Play
2012-08-31 Is Jesus Knocking at Your Heart? Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-08-24 Freed From the Shackles Larry Bangs Play
2012-08-17 In Anticipation of the Banquet Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-08-10 Giving to God Mark Herscher Play
2012-08-03 Life's Greatest Challenge Pastor Ben Bilan Play
2012-07-27 Our Heavenly Father Luke Herscher Play
2012-07-20 The Rest of the Story Steve Tilley Play
2012-07-13 Jesus; The Way, The Truth, The Life Calvin Mohr Play
2012-07-06 Thank God I'm an American Pastor Steve Behrmann Play
2012-06-29 The Earth's Most Valuable Substance.. Pastor Steve Behrmann Play
2012-06-22 The Mind of Christ Darla Sherman Play
2012-06-01 Four Great Certainties.. Pastor Ken Williams Play
2012-05-25 Any Old Burning Bush Will Do.. Elder Dave Brown Play
2012-05-18 The Little Disciple That Could Pastor Steve Behrmann Play
2012-05-11 Flourishing Under Self- denial.. Mark Herscher Play
2012-05-04 The Ultimate Compliment Pastor Stan Beerman Play
2012-04-27 Behold Your God Calvin Mohr Play
2012-04-20 Am I Blind and Not Even Know It? Larry Bangs Play
2012-04-13 Jesus' Example of Prayer Luke Herscher Play
2012-04-06 Facing Gethsemane Decisions Pastor Chuck Burkeen Play
2012-03-30 Sweet Communion Mark Herscher Play
2012-03-23 Waymarks 2.. James Rafferty Play
2012-03-16 Going Back in Time Steve Tilley Play
2012-03-09 Growing in Christ Nathan Sherman Play
2012-03-07 Every Member has a Ministry Pastor Russell Burrill Play
2012-03-02 Live to Give.. Wendell Davis Play
2012-02-24 Will You Be The One? Tray Williams Play
2012-02-17 These are the Satisfied Calvin Mohr Play
2012-02-10 Faith in Jesus.. Ben Davis Play
2012-02-03 Does Jesus Care?.. Nancy Worley Play
2012-01-27 Heaven part 2.. Luke Herscher Play
2012-01-20 Heaven part 1.. Luke Herscher Play
2012-01-13 Waymarks.. James Rafferty Play
2012-01-13 Waymarks.. James Rafferty Play
2012-01-06 Miracles.. Mike Plant Play