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Seventh- day
Adventist Church

Our Mission is to proclaim the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through acts of service and by sharing knowledge of God’s love with our community.
If you are looking for a family where you can grow spiritually by becoming involved, then this is the church for you. 

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Dear Sutherlin Seventh- day Adventist Church family and community

    Together we are experiencing unprecedented times, and the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly every day. As we navigate these uncharted waters as a global community, the health of our Church members, visitors, and neighbors is our #1 priority. On behalf of everyone here, we want you to know that first and foremost we are thinking of you and your families' well-being. Taking care of yourselves, and each other, is what is most important right now.

    We will continue to gather from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM for Sabbath School and Church. 6 foot social distancing needs to be observed at all locations.There will be no hugging or hand shaking. Please continue to exercise good hygiene for your health and that of your family and others.

    I would like to recommend that we not allow Satan to get the upper hand in this crisis. Let us press together. Although we can’t meet in large groups, we can still meet online and in small groups in our homes.

    Prayer Meetings on Wednesdays, at  7 PM
    This is an online service that allows us to see each other and talk with each other in an online conference room. 
    If you have a computer or smart phone you can join the conference room and see everyone. If you only have a landline or a flip phone, you can still join and be part of the conversation.
    We will going through the Sabbath school quarterly together. This will be a great opportunity for us to go deeper than we normally do because each day we will be focusing on one lesson at a time.

    How can you be part of this? Follow these directions;

    Three steps for computer or smart phone:
    enter on your web browser: Download the App
    Press "join" button
    Enter meeting ID: 496-903-397
    Press "join" button

    Two steps for a phone:
    Dial: 1 (646) 749-3122
    Enter Access code 496-903-397
    It is that simple. See you there!

    (Tips: Make sure you turn on the sound/microphone when you get into conference room. There should be a microphone symbol at the bottom of the screen. The sound is off if there is a line going through the symbol. You also have to press a button just under the image you see, to send the rest of us the video feed of yourself.)

 Let me end this letter by reminding you that I have my office hours on Thursdays from 10-12 noon. Feel free to come and talk. The office is next to the sidewalk, at the corner towards the freeway. Sermons are available at the links below, and information about other. You can also bring your tithe and offerings and pick up your Sabbath school quarterlies. There will be a deacon there to receive your tithe and offerings. 
     We have a precious school and church. We need to continue to maintain these institutions so that they can continue being a blessing.  

     Tithes and Offerings may be mailed to the Church or to our treasurer Nona, or may be returned online at

     The Sabbath School lesson is available on Hope TV and Amazing Facts. The quarterlies are available at Amazing Facts text is available at and study guides and more are here.

     We want to do everything we can to help keep your faith and connection to Jesus alive and well. 

     Please know that your Pastor and the elders are available to help you during this time; you may call Pastor Scalfani at 541-671-3645 about the meetings above, or anything else on your heart. 
     Thank you for being so supportive.

                                                           God bless,
                                                           Pastor Andre

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